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With your help, we will get necessary protective gear into the hands of American healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the war against COVID-19.

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has struck the world by surprise in a way that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. For those of us that are aware of global news, we see that this is truly an unprecedented tragedy that has engulfed most countries around the world.

Besides the apparent economic devastation, the greater damage is the negative impact on human life. This highly infectious and deadly novel coronavirus is an invisible enemy that is penetrating the frontlines: our healthcare workers. In some countries, 1 out of 4 healthcare workers are being infected. If our doctors and nurses are encumbered by the illness, they cannot treat sick people.

Yet, hospitals and clinics are short of basic, necessary supplies they require for protection from the virus. In some cases, doctors and nurses are being told to cover their faces with paper masks or bandanas, and even use garbage bags over their clothing to substitute for medical gowns. The fear of infection adds to the enormous stress that our healthcare workers are already experiencing and dealing with. Many are confronted by an overwhelming and unmatched influx of patients. Some of the hardest hit areas, such as Bergamo, Italy, are running out of places to put the deceased; Spain is seeing almost a thousand patients die a day; and now, in our nation, as of this writing, New York has just seen 100 casualties in a 24-hour period.

Angels Overseas, an international 501c3 non-profit organization, in partnership with Corporate Health & Wellness Association, a 501c6 non-profit trade association dedicated to providing national employers with health and wellness solutions in the workplace, has committed to do a small part in helping where we can.

We are proud to have the opportunity to raise $500,000 for our first charitable campaign to supply mandatory protective gear to a selection of hospitals, starting here in the United States. The raised funds will be applied as described in the milestones on this page.

Within each set of milestones, we will focus the supplies on non-profit community hospitals in a recently identified “hotzone” with our goal being that each milestone will meet the specific needs of each community. For example, we could accomplish the delivery of PPE to 2,000 workers for a week’s supply or 500 workers for a month’s supply depending on the needs of each region.


We live in constant fear that we will contract or spread the virus when we treat our patients.