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Our love for children is the source of energy and inspiration that keeps us going. Many kind-hearted people work together at Angels Overseas and they devote their time and attention generously for helping kids worldwide. When good intentions are combined with good actions, achieving goals become easier. The Medical Tourism Association, an organization working globally for the improvement of medical tourism, launched Angels Overseas. Both Angels Overseas and Medical Tourism Association are nonprofit organizations who work without any selfish ambition. Our strength is the fact that we work only for saving the lives of kids. Good deeds inspire more good deeds. When so many doctors and medical care providers have come together to support the cause of better medical facilities for children, success is bound to come.

We are very methodical when it comes to children’s medical treatments. We have different teams working on different aspects of the entire process. We have connections with nursing homes, hospitals and medical treatment centers of different sorts across the globe. We are able to shift injured and severely ill kids from their native land to a country, state or city where they get immediate and much better medical care. In matters of health, time is a crucial factor and we know the value of time. As soon as a case comes to us, we start the processing. We know the value of proper diagnosis. After screening the injuries or ailments of a kid, we come to decisions about his/ her condition. Our next move depends on the severity of the kid’s condition and the exact treatment they require. Some have to stay in a new country, overseas, for several months.

Children who suffer from severe bodily injuries or dire diseases also go through mental trauma. They are often scared and on the verge of giving up. We give them extensive and complete help in recovering from the treatments and prepare them mentally for the surgery or treatment. Most kids need to undergo several post operation checkups and treatments to recover completely. We extend help in every step they take towards complete healing. From the perspective of ‘Angels’, no treatment is complete unless the kid who has received it has gone back to a totally normal schedule and lifestyle. When we take responsibility, we go all the way to the end of the pain and ailment that kid/s is suffering. We direct our efforts towards making the innocent children smile and laugh in painless delight. We arrange all the necessary documents that are required for medical tourism without considering a wee bit as to which ethnicity or country they belong to. If the kid is seriously ill or injured, then we will try our best to get him/ her best medical care available during that point of time. In our strife to help children we never compromise with the quality of medical facilities. We do try to find out reasonably priced medical treatments but without compromising with the quality.