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We are a non-profit organization and all our activities are directed towards helping children get proper medical attention. We need your support for doing our work. Our job is to connect with children who require medical treatments but cannot get it at their native city or country and then we have to find out means through which we can pay for their treatment. In most of the cases the children are either orphans or their parents and family are not able to bear the high costs of treatment. Your support can mean a lot to a child. We do not urge you to give more than you can but a small contribution is enough for keep things moving ahead. Supporting us need not always be financial. You can support our cause by believing in us and helping us spread awareness and build better environment for child treatment. You can help is in the following way

1)    Volunteer yourself

2)    Donate (in cash and kind)

3)    Spread awareness

4)    Organizations (medical, tourism or others) can be of great help

The problems and challenges we face every day make it necessary that we are connected with various medical institutions and organizations. There are so many children waiting for the right treatment that we need to work hard day and night. We do not let our work stop under any condition. The difference of time zone and country or even community does not matter to us. We are an international organization and you can contribute your time and donate a sum from wherever you are. We need volunteers for working in every country who can give us info about children suffering from severe illness. You can support us by bridging the gap between our organization and the children who need help.

Doctors and medical caregivers can support us by helping us find the right treatment for kids at reasonable prices. Medical organizations can help us avail the medical treatments for children who live in another country or a faraway place. We need travel companies to help us shift children from one part of the world to another. Philanthropic organizations can come forward and collaborate with us in arranging better treatment facilities for children. We are a new organization and we are steadily growing. Your support can help us reach out to thousands of kids who will die without immediate medical attention.

The reason why we need to take children from one place to another is that all countries are not equally developed in matters of medical facilities. The underdeveloped countries cannot even provide proper food and immunization to their children. Treating dire medical conditions like brain tumor or lung cancer is not only difficult for them but also impossible. We seek your support and that need not cost you a lot of money or take up a lot of your time. Little acts of kindness that stem from love for innocent children and awareness is sufficient in helping our progress. We believe that spending money in too much publicity is a total waste as that money can be utilized for saving a young life. Your support is our way of marching ahead in our mission to stop millions from dying at the prime of their lives.