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Angel Overseas is a non-profit organization, which is trying to provide timely treatments to kids around the world by transferring them to places where the medical treatment is easily available and cost effective too. The core principle that Angles Overseas follows is based on medical tourism. It is not possible to improve the medical infrastructure of one place overnight but it is certainly possible to fly the sick kids to a place where medical treatments are easily available. We belong to the Medical Tourism Association, which is also a non-profit organization that helps in bringing more people under proper medical care through medical tourism.

Human civilization has improved so much yet children are not getting proper medical attention. This is shameful. At some places, children get proper medication or surgical help and their lives are secured by good health insurance policies. We at Angels Overseas believe strongly that there should be no discrimination among children as they all are equally important and precious. The idea of medical tourism is hundred and thousand years old. In ancient Greece people used to travel from their native cities to Epidauria as it was the place where the God of Healing, Asklepios, lived.  This story shows that travelling for treatment has always been there. We have modified the norms of medical tourism and formed an organization with the hope of saving innocent children who are severely ill.

Generally, there are two different trends of medical tourism. In one of them, the patients travel from comparatively advanced countries to the developing countries for getting medical facilities at a lower cost. In another trend, the surgeons or medical practitioners travel from their country to underdeveloped countries where there is an acute scarcity of medical facilities. Angels Overseas has started a new trend where kids who are suffering from different ailments will travel with our help to get proper medical treatment. We will bear the total expenses of the treatment and travel. We have a very efficient team of medical professionals and we collect funds for paying for different treatments of children. We match ailments with medical facilities and try to transfer a child to a place where his/ her treatment in the best possible manner at the most reasonable cost.

Money is not the only issue that prevents children from getting medical facilities. Sometimes their ailment requires special treatment and care which is not available locally. Medical infrastructure is not well developed in all the countries and everywhere. Even in the developed countries, children die every year due to the lack of timely treatment. Parents cannot bear the costs and medical policies do not cover all sorts of treatments. Sometimes, they have to wait for a treatment for months hoping and praying for a miracle. National political and economical circumstances also impede proper medical care from reaching children who need it. As it is difficult to bring medical facilities to a kid, Angle Overseas strives to take the kids near to the medical facilities. Angels Overseas has taken oath to serve every kid who needs medical help from all parts of the world.