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Angels Overseas is an organization founded and structured by the globally reputed Medical Tourism Association (MTA). They have always been a non-profit trade association that helps patients get better medical attention at lowest possible costs. At first, they made a documentary named ‘Angels Overseas’ and premiered it at the Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress in the year of 2009. They wanted to educate common people about the benefits of medical tourism. With the establishment of the Angels Overseas organization, they have taken the oath of providing good health care universally through medical tourism to a new level of commitment. The motto of this newly launched organization is to bring the injured and ill children under the best medical treatment the world has to offer.

Our association promotes medical tourism for children who are not getting proper medical facilities in their native country. Every day thousands of children die due to deficient and incompetent medical treatment. Sometimes the local hospitals are not capable of performing complicated surgeries or cannot provide appropriate medical attention and sometimes the treatments are too highly priced. Angels Overseas is a team of competent and kind doctors, medical practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes, pathology clinics, medical health insurance companies and medical tourism facilitators. We have close connections with several local governments and we know how to procure the right treatment for your son or daughter. Taking your child abroad can be difficult for you. Parents hesitate to move from their familiar background to an unknown place for the treatment of their kids. It is understandable. We give complete support and care so that your child doesn’t feel any stress in a new place.

Our aim is to take medical tourism to a new affordable level where people do not hesitate anymore before opting for it. It is the only way that we can help children get the best available medical treatments. Many a times, parents arrange money for their kid’s operation but getting an appointment becomes the problem. Some move from one city to another in hope for better medical assistance but face disappointment. In cases of severe illness, time is what that makes difference. Without speedy and immediate medical attention, things can get out of hand. We strive and world hard to save children who are suffering from major diseases or have incurred severe injuries.

We want to break communal barriers and give children of every social stratum the same medical care and attention. We believe that children are blessings that we have to preserve and nurture with utmost care. Medical care has become an amenity rather than a right. At Angels Overseas, we believe that kids of every country and every background have right to medical care and there should not be any difference or discrimination in matters of life and death. We seek kind and generous people who will support our cause and join hands with us. Our goal is to spread the awareness about the necessity of medical tourism and eradicate unnecessary reserve against it.