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Not finding efficient medical help for your children when you need it most is probably the worst situation that parents have to face. Worldwide surveys show that millions of children die every year due to lack of medical facilities. Child mortality is a serious global issue and it needs special attention and innovative solutions. Angels Overseas is a non-profit organization where doctors and medical practitioners have joined hands for providing better medical facilities to children. The deprivation that the children of the Third World Countries face is unbelievable. Many children are not even vaccinated or immunized to diseases like small pox, yellow fever, diphtheria and polio. Where the basic medical care is not available, no one can expect children with severe illness to be treated there.

The rate of child mortality in today’s world is staggering. More than 21 kids die every minute and 29000 kids who have not reached the tender age of five yet die every day due to lack of medical attention. Angels Overseas are a part of the reputed MTA or Medical Tourism Association.  MTA has always strived to provide better medical facilities to commoners through the popularization of medical tourism. In medical tourism, people of rich or developed countries are known to travel to developing countries for availing medical surgeries or treatments at lower prices. However, what Angels Overseas does is a little different from that. We help the kids around the world travel for getting better medical care and treatments.

Our job is quite difficult because we do not charge you money. We collect and raise fund for the treatment of kids and fly them overseas for giving them the best possible treatment available for their particular condition. Our initiative is unique and essential for making this world a better place to live.  There are many reasons why even in the most developed nations children often suffer from medical negligence. Some complicated health conditions can be treated properly at specific locations. The medical policies only work up to a certain level and do not cover many complicated ailments. The medicines or medical equipments needed for performing surgeries are not available equally at all places. This makes our work more relevant and necessary.

We have connections with the governments, hospitals, nursing homes, health care providers and medical insurance companies. Our connections enable us to help children of different backgrounds selflessly. Medical costs are touching new heights every year. It’s difficult for the parents of the developing world to always raise funds on their own. Medical tourism helps in connecting children with the right medical facility across the globe. We deal with various aspects of medical tourism for kids and minors. Our teams of medical professionals help in locating children who are severely ill and unable to get proper treatment in their own locality. We approach them and find out regions overseas where better medical facility is available and shift the kids to that place. This way we lower the cost of treatment or surgery and give a new lease of life to the little members of our world.