Angels Overseas is an organization that is committed to accessing the best medical services and support for families and children to secure a better future for our world.

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What is Angels Overseas?

Angels Overseas was launched in 2013 by the Founders of the Medical Tourism Association in conjunction with leading experts in international healthcare and global insurance. We seek to improve access and generate financial support for individuals in need of life-saving medical care, critical treatments and trials, medical devices, or health supplies that can be accessed through the Angels Overseas network of partners.  Our focus is on high quality services and products, transparency in pricing, and ideal matchmaking with our global partners.

Currently, many families do not have access to medical records, a proper diagnosis, treatment plan, or means to pay for their services. Most will do whatever it takes to get there, relying on little more than prayers. For children, travel alone can present significant risk to positive medical outcomes. To close this gap, Angels Overseas evolved with a vision to present solutions to the growing need to access better care by identifying quality providers most appropriate for each patient case and closest to home. Angels Overseas also helps source advanced treatments, innovative clinical trials, medical second opinions from leading providers, and medical supplies through its various initiatives and partnership activities.


Angels Overseas supports the care of families and children who may not be able to find proper medical care in their native land. We identify providers who offer the right treatment plan for each case and offer transparent pricing. Whether it is a treatment, drug, clinical trial, medical device or supply, we assist in accessing and securing the relationship to assure needs are met through our dedicated partner network.


The network of partners help to identify people in need. For a medical case, an assessment of the patient's condition is performed locally to determine the type and cost of care needed. Partner institutions throughout the world are then engage in offering the appropriate care at the best price. Fundraising efforts may be developed as needed and led by the local Angels partner and the Angels Overseas Board.

Fund the Frontlines:

Help Healthcare Workers Get the Protective Gear They Need

For every $25 you donate, 1 healthcare professional will be supplied with a 1-week supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consisting of 1 KN95 face mask, 5 surgical masks, 1 pair of goggles, and 2 sets of medical gowns.

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Contribute on my charity work by your donation.
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