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The Medical Tourism Association has developed a global presence in the medical tourism and international health market.  It continues to grow its brand and services globally and is now launching a Chapter network that can unite the individuals and corporations involved in this industry behind diverse efforts.

Using its unique knowledge base and growing momentum, the MTA is launching a charitable organization that harmonizes with and leverages its international medical mission.  A benevolent mission will provide the MTA’s members with a sense of goodwill and further the organization’s development as the premier organization of its type in the world.

The ”Angels” will assist in obtaining medical care for children throughout the world who are threatened or severely impacted by disease or injury.  Often these children can be provided with life-saving care, but life in regions where the proper medical resources are not available.  The “Angels” will match these sick or injured children with the worldwide medical resources that are available.  To accomplish this, the charity will develop a system of identification, matching and case management, as well as the means to raise philanthropic funds to support such efforts.  It will launch a central office and engage the MTA’s  international chapter network to serve as local stewards for the charity’s mission.


The Angels will:

• Provide goodwill and a sense of charitable mission to the MTA

• Help engage members, and create team goals for Chapters

• Create positive public relations for the MTA

• Help the MTA engage new constituencies through a different approach

• Help connect international MTA members to each other through a lifesaving mission

• Provide a new reason and approach for increasing membership in MTA

• Provide new presentations of interest, including awards, at the MTA Conference.