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As Angels Overseas is a nonprofit organization, we have high ideals and work ethics based on some ambitions. We are a huge team of medical professionals and care givers who have decided to help children from every country get better and timely medical attention. Despite of the advancement of technology and civilization, medical infrastructure has not developed at all places equally. In the developed countries, the cost of treatments is too high for people from middle or working class people. We believe that every child is a gift of God and deserves equal care and medical facility. In this world, equality is just an imaginary ideal that doesn’t exist in reality but we strive to bring equality in the lives of minors.

We are compassionate bunch of people who don’t just facilitate medical treatment for kids but stay by their side at every step. When kids suffer, their parents and families suffer along with them. We feel the pain of not being able to ease the pain or discomfort of your near and dear ones as you do. We help the family in coping with the trauma and encourage medical tourism that is the only viable means for helping children with diabolic health conditions. We believe in proper diagnosis and emphasize the importance of education. Without proper education, the value of medical treatments can never be understood. Many people are scared of medical tourism just because it requires them to move from a known place to an unknown one. We help people make the right decisions regarding health care.

Medical facilities must be transparent. It is true that globalization has helped us in venturing into the realm of medical care for minors but we are conscientious people and believe highly in quality over everything else. Many organizations that play with the health of kids and we are aware of duplicity and corruption in the medical sector. We are against overpriced medical care or treatments. If we keep on bending backwards for getting medical facilities at high set prices, it will only worsen situations. Medical tourism promotes patients to move from one country to another in search of rightly priced facilities. We give children the best medical care but not at the cost of morality. We engage all our sources for finding out a place where the kids will be given appropriate medical care. We do not believe in compromising. We believe in hard work and perseverance.

We believe in transparency and whatever we do to help a child is transparent. The parents will be told about the procedures and therapies that the kids are getting. It is difficult to imagine how adamantly some people oppose medical treatments even today. We try our best to convince them. Playing with the life of kids is the worst crime possible. We use all sorts of resources and workers in giving the ill and injured kids new hope and a better life. We also believe in clear communication. Courage and hope are the two key traits that keep us going.