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Angels Overseas is an international organization. Our services are not limited to a particular place, country or region. We do not believe in communal barriers or try to profit from our charitable work. Thankfully, in our battle to provide the best medical care to children who need it we are not alone. Angels Overseas is a big team of doctors, medical care providers, medical and health insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, therapy centers, medical tourism facilitators and other people/organizations that are involved in the medical profession. All of us have joined hands to help children from different countries to get treatment that is unavailable or unaffordable in their native nations.

As we work every day to bring back the lost smile on innocent faces, we face many problems and usually some unbelievable challenges. We have undertaken the task of moving kids from their native land to an overseas nation for giving them better medical facilities and treating their health conditions. It may sound easy but our path is strewn with different types of difficulties. Without a devoted and dedicated team, we could never have returned the smile of severely ill and injured children. The ‘Angels’ are fond of children and we know that they are the future of our world. Saving their life is saving the planet from extinction.

Our expert team of doctors helps in analyzing and diagnosing the health issue that a kid is suffering from.  Without the expertise of our medical and pathological team, we would not be able to understand and evaluate the health conditions of a kid accurately. Once the ailment has been determined we draw plans how to treat it and what treatments are necessary. Only brilliant doctors can work out best plans for getting a child completely cured. Once we have planned how to treat a child then comes the hard part of finding the best possible treatment that is immediately available around the world. We get a list of places prepared and contact every nursing home or hospital where the required treatment is available. We compare the quality of treatment and medical care and the price. For doing all this, we take help of the medical professionals of the industry who have been in this field for years.

In many cases, we also need to take government’s permission to admit a child in a particular hospital or nursing home. Arranging the medical tour also poses a lot of trouble. We need to make passport and other documents for the kids. As a result, we keep great rapport with the leading travel agencies and organizations that help and promote medical tourism. Our connection with the MTA or Medical Tourism Association is also worth mentioning in this regard because we receive help from them as well. Even after the treatment, we try to facilitate postoperative treatment for the children and this we do with our connection with the health department of most countries.