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The Founders of the very reputable ‘Medical Tourism Association’ (MTA)  launched Angels Overseas – a non-profit organization dedicated to provide medical services, support and supplies to families and children throughout the globe. The Medical Tourism Association or the Medical Travel Association is the first and foremost organization that promotes all sorts of medical tourism around the globe so that people get better medical facilities at reasonable prices. Angels Overseas is an organization that helps children get the best medical facilities through medical tourism. Primarily Angels Overseas was a documentary prepared by the Medical Tourism Association to educate the mass about medical tourism. In the year of 2009, at the second Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress arranged by MTA, the Angels Overseas documentary was presented to the facilitators of medical tourism all over the world.

Every new idea faces some obstacles and resistance in the beginning. The concept of medical tourism faced challenges and resistance from the global mass due to their lack of knowledge. For people who have never gone out of their familiar locality, travelling for medical help is something outrageous. Though started as an educative measure, Angels Overseas has developed into a non-profit organization that helps children from different countries and regions get better medical facilities. Medical facilities and infrastructure are not the same in every part of the world. Even in a developed nation like the US, children do not get proper medical attention all the time.

The rate of child mortality in the world is surprisingly high. According to the World Health Organization, more than 21 children die every minute across the globe. Many of them die from malnutrition and diseases, which could have been easily treated has there been some medical facility available. Angels Overseas is an initiative by the MTA to reduce the mortality rate among kids. In the documentary version of Angels Overseas, the experience of a patient Bob has been captured. He travels to Costa Rica for a complicated knee surgery. It is expected that other people who are scared of medical tourism will feel encouraged by this documentary and come forward to give their children a better chance at life.

Like MTA, the Angels Overseas is well connected with the medical facility providers and they have contacts with the different governments around the globe. We are a devoted team of medical and healthcare professionals who have sworn to decrease the suffering of children who need immediate medical attention. Many prominent hospitals, health insurance agencies, doctors and medical tourism facilitators are associated with our organization. We are a huge group of people who are involved with the medical industry and try our best to give children the best medical facilities. The only profit we make is the healthy smiles of children who recover from diseases and dire health conditions.

At present, the children of every nation suffer from many different problems and troubles. Some are not immunized after birth and their lives are impaired while some other has to work from a young age and earn their livelihood. Many die from malnutrition. Angels Overseas is an organization that has committed itself to providing the best in healthcare to underprivileged children for securing a better future for our world.