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Children bring smiles. They are the future of the world. Yet millions of kids die every year from illness and health disorders. Angels Overseas is an organization that works for reducing the child mortality rates all over the world. We at Angels Overseas devote our time and attention in bringing kids under the right medical attention with the help of medical tourism. Medical tourism is a phenomenon, which promotes patients to travel from one place to another in search of better medical facilities. We often see children are not diagnosed properly. Even when they are diagnosed with a serious ailment, they are not given proper medical attention.

In the Third World Countries, people have less affordability and there are many families where parents can’t even provide food and proper nutrition to their kids. In sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and other developing and underdeveloped countries the mortality rates of children are high. The parents cannot afford or avail the medical facilities. A poor medical infrastructure is many times responsible for this. It has been found through surveys that even in a developed nation like US only 19% to 20% children suffering from serious fever are properly diagnosed at the pathology labs. This shows the dire condition of world health care sector.

Angels Overseas is responsible for taking care of children who are not getting proper medical care in their native land. Medical tourism has become quite popular now days. People from developed countries are selecting low priced treatments in the under developed countries or developing nations for themselves. This way they are saving money and resources and getting better medical care at half the price. We also try to find places overseas where children can get effective yet reasonably priced treatments. We facilitate their accommodation and transportation costs and find out ways so that they can avail the best medical care available.

At Angels Overseas, we are not concerned about money or for that matter, the cost of treatments. We care far more for kids and their well-being. Without happy and healthy children, the world cannot have a better future. We are just trying to serve the purpose of mediator between the right medical care and the children who need it. In the poverty stricken countries or where war has broken out, surgical and other medical facilities for kids are out of the question. Major surgical operations like open-heart surgery or kidney transplantation require emergency care. We try to arrange operations and provide the best intensive, postoperative care to children. It is not just a question of convenience but also a matter of urgency and saving lives. Sometimes people have to wait for months before their kids are operated. In general hospitals, there is always huge rush and a few doctors who couldn’t handle too many patients at a time. Our attempt is to bring treatment to sick children fast and help in their speedy recovery. Illness can destroy the smiles on your faces and change your course of life. Angels Overseas ensures that the smiles never disappear.