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From the beginning until the very end, Angels Overseas is always there by the side of the child patient and their family. Even before the treatment has started, we start taking care of the patients in our own way. Major operations as bone marrow transplantation, kidney transplantation or open-heart surgery are definitely scary and even before the kid has been admitted to the treatment center or nursing home they need special care and supervision. Not only physical but their mental condition also degrades due to stress and tension. Without proper pretreatment care, a child patient cannot get well fast. It includes correct diagnosis, pre operation care and encouragement.

After a case comes under our vision, we immediately contact the patient party and talk in details about the child’s condition. If the condition seems diabolical, then our medical experts start their checkups and we run several tests before reaching a conclusion. In the third world countries, there is much reservation regarding medical treatments and tests. We try our best to eradicate misconceptions with education and communication. If a child needs emergency operation, we convince their parents about it and keep them abreast about the medical procedures. Our organization is made of hard working and compassionate doctors and medical caregivers and we understand the worry that each family goes through when their kid is seriously ill. Channels of communication should always stay open and even if they are not able to understand medical terms or hard to understand clinical jargons, we simplify it for them.

Our analysis of a child’ state is thorough and we try to find out how an ailment has affected his/ her organs. In case of infectious or malignant disorders many a times poor screening leads to partial treatment of the ailment. We make sure that the child gets treatment that uproots the ailment and never lets it come back. All sorts of pathological tests are done with care. Our love for children helps the child get accustomed with the group of doctors and other executives first. We ask our children to see the injury or disease like a monster that they can tame and kill with courage and perseverance. Affection is all some kids need to show great amount of courage for sustaining and fighting with their health conditions. We provide the necessary medication and treatment that the children need before the real treatment starts.

Proper screening and blood tests are the foremost even in cases of injuries. Injuries are not to be taken at face value. Sometimes they have more impact on our body than we can actually perceive from the surface wounds. Blood tests are run to see if there is infection or poison of any sort that has entered the body through the wounds. Hundreds of tests are done to reach a conclusion. Simultaneously we keep on researching for the best place to treat the child. We make sure that the treatment is thorough and they are taken under medical custody immediately on reaching that particular place. We also arrange the necessary papers and documents that the child requires for traveling overseas. We do all the paper work and the child’s family does not have to be bothered.