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Curing a child completely is a tough job that requires continuous monitoring and patience. When we undertake a case, we go all the way from the beginning to the end to ensure good health and long life for the kids. Postoperative care is essential for complete recovery of a patient. We help with this regard by making the best post treatment care available for the kids at their native place. The body goes through a lot of stress during the operation. It takes some time to adjust with the changes made and there is always a chance of the surgical wounds being infected. The children need lots of care and rest after the operation is done. Even when they are discharged and return to their home they are not totally healed. For healing completely, it may take from an average one to three months. The time required for injury related pain or soreness can need more time. We are very patient and we do not back off unless or until our kids have gone back to a normal life.

We arrange for postoperative therapies for kids and provide the medication and other medical help. Sometimes we do it ourselves and in times, we appoint caregivers at the sick child’s hometown for giving them the necessary medicines and treatment. Some kids require physiotherapy for getting over the pain and doing regular things like before. We do not leave their hands easily and fight by their side. We have come across brave children and they have inspired us to work harder for giving more love and spreading joy of healing. Giving a child his/her life back is an unequivocal experience. It makes us grateful to them. We help the families take care of their kids as well. We arrange the necessary finance for post treatment care.

Following up a treatment is very necessary. We keep in touch with the kids we have helped and make sure that they are living a normal and healthy life. If any time they face a physical trouble of serious sort, then we try our best to help them. Regular checkups are of vital importance. We make sure the kids who have undergone serious operations and received treatment under our care get their health checkups done on a regular basis. We have a strong network worldwide and many doctors, hospitals and people linked with the medical profession are part of the team of Angels Overseas. With the help of our connections, we make it possible that people of all strata receive best quality postoperative treatment, care and counseling. Post treatment care makes sure that the problem that occurred doesn’t come back ever. In cases of body organ transplantation or removal, the post treatment care becomes more necessary. We try our best to take away all the pain and trouble that comes with severe illness or injuries and stop them from impairing the young lives, which hold thousands of possibilities and promises.